Ground Thawing Equipment

Construction projects in the winter are often very challenging, but being able to successfully complete them can give your company a big advantage in the marketplace.  Don't let winter weather slow you down. WE THAW can take small or large areas of frozen ground and thaw it, so you can dig or pour concrete. Accessing water, sewer, electric or gas lines is now possible. We also do custom projects for most anything that you need thawed. WE THAW has a fleet of ground thawing machines able to meet your specific project size and needs.


WE THAW’s equipment includes advanced hydronic thawing systems that utilize heated liquid, circulating within hoses to thaw the ground or remove frost.  Liquid is a great conductor of heat, making this closed loop system very efficient and effective for a variety of applications.


In addition, ground thawing equipment can be used to help keep jobsites warm during cold weather. In small areas or temporary structures and enclosures, ground thawing equipment can be an effective means for supplying the warmth workers need to finish the job.

Concrete Curing Experts

According to industry standards (American Concrete Institute), concrete poured below a temperature of 42 degrees must have a certain level of heat protection. The concrete curing process is a chemical reaction. When the concrete is cold or freezes, the curing process slows down dramatically or doesn’t occur at all.


WE THAW’s hydronic surface heaters can deliver consistent heat in order to create the perfect environment for curing concrete in cold temperatures. From poured walls and columns to concrete slabs and more, our ground thawing machines prevent your concrete from freezing and allow it to cure at the right speed and temperature. Let WE THAW help you prevent freezing and cracking and ensure that your concrete pour cures properly.

Custom Ground Thawing Applications

What do you need to thaw?

Call WE THAW for help on any number of construction, installation or repair projects that can’t be done in frozen ground.

Examples of common applications:

  • Septic systems

  • Water lines and tanks

  • Electric or Broadband lines

  • Gas lines

  • Other

We Thaw Ground Heaters

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